Jessica Boskoff, Founder of Twenty Three Layers

Twenty Three Layers is one of the premier design and event planner companies in New York City. Founded by the lovely and talented Jessica Boskoff, Twenty Three Layers is always on trend and sometimes even ahead of the curve. By focusing on micro level details, the company creates a feeling of brightness and wholeness on the macro level.

Boskoff knows how to use a neutral, and is an expert when it comes to deploying pops of color. Trends such as pastels and classic prints have been showcased in her recent designs. In the interview, Boskoff shares her enthusiasm for design and some of her newest looks.

Some of Boskoff’s favorite things for this season include:

  • Pastel fabrics
  • Florals and flowers
  • Classic motifs, for example wide stripes
  • Appropriate use of neutrals
  • Referencing food items in the decor
  • Stylish furniture

With her eye for design and her positive outlook, Jessica Boskoff brings a sunny optimism to the events and photo shoots she designs. The looks she creates are comprehensive. Everything goes together, from the icing on the donuts to the shabby chic knick knacks, to the throw pillows perched on the chairs.

With her eye for detail, Boskoff really knows how to create a feeling of completion and wholeness. Her company, Twenty Three Layers, connects with clients in part because of this spirit. By focusing on pastels and sweet classic motifs this spring, Boskoff’s designs radiate optimism and openness.

Everyone loves to feel that kind of vibe at a wedding, graduation party, or other event. Following Boskoff on Instagram is a great way to get ideas for whatever events you may be planning this summer. With her clear, clean, and bright designs, Boskoff provides plenty of inspiration for us all.

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Leading Financial Advisors Around the World

David Osio is a lawyer and leading executive professional in financial services around the world. Since 1993 he has served as founder and CEO of Davos Financial Group, Venezuela’s first financial counseling company. Davos Financial Group is actually a group of licensed, individual companies that provide asset management services to an exclusive clientele around the world. The company currently maintains offices in Miami, New York, Panama, Lisbon and Geneva, to name a few of their locations. The Davos Financial Advisors assist with investment operations and financial advice based on a full risk analysis and evaluation of the client’s financial situation.

Prior to creating Davos Financial Group, David Osio spent five years as Vice President of Commercial Banking for an international bank in Miami. In this position he supervised management of acquisitions and market strategies. Prior to this experience where he assisted that bank’s portfolio growth, Mr. Osio served as Director for Escritorio Juridico MGO in his home country, Venezuela. To this day, Mr. Osio continues financial support to the Children’s Orthopedic Hospital in Venezuela.

After graduating with honors, obtaining a Law Degree in Venezeula, David Osio studied equity portfolio management at the Institute of Finance in New York where he continued his education in management training and commercial lending. Residing in Miami, he is a member of the Miami Symphony Orchestra, has an interest in international travel and collects art. As a professional in financial services and business management, Mr. Osio has been a prominent figure in the Latin American markets of banking and financial law, in particular stabilizing Venezuela’s banking industry.

As the CEO of Davos Financial Group, Mr. Osio has been responsible for financial services operations worldwide, and has maintained the companies’ successful management standards for more than 20 years. The Real Estate Group, one of the independent operations working under the Davos Group of companies, recently announced a mobile application that calculates the estimated gain of an investment property after expenses. This mobile app has been developed for both Android and iPhone. The technology will further assist the Davos Financial Group to advise their clients through purchases and operations of real estate investments.

Mr. Osio participated with other Venezuelan professionals in receiving the Medal of Merit of the U.S. Congress in a ceremony of acknowledgement in 2012. Representing his company, the Davos Financial Group, Mr. Osio has also been awarded Business Leader of the State of Florida and the Movers and Shakers 2009 award. Under his leadership, his company has been able to acquire licensing for each business in the Group to assist them in offering a wide variety of investment alternative services throughout the world in private banking, financial counseling, real estate consulting, and wealth planning.

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Securus: Doing The Right Thing

In today’s world, we need more people that are doing the right thing and have strong values and beliefs. That is definitely Securus, as they pride themselves on handling civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring. This is a responsibility that they take seriously and they are diligent with their work surrounding it. They announced, according to PR Newswire, recently, they are going to release an announcement which will feature multiple reports, facts, findings and articles that will highlight wrongdoings and integrity breaches by inmate communications provider Global Tel Link (a.k.a. “GTL”). When someone does something wrong, they must be held accountable for it.
They can’t hide or ignore it. They have to face the facts. They have done a lot of research into this and they have all of their ducks in a row with releasing this announcement. They are hopeful it will shed some light on certain situations and help the public know just exactly what is going on and what they can do about it and how they can handle it. After all, they deserve the truth. At the end of the day, it really bothers Securus America when someone doesn’t do the right thing. They believe that there are good people in their industry.

However, there are always a few bad seeds and if you let them get away with it, they will keep doing it and they won’t stop. It will only power their greed even further and makes things even worse. That is why Securus is acting quickly to get this out as soon as possible so all of the information regarding GTL can be made public. They feel as though it is their moral obligation. After this, it will be interesting to see how things unfold and what ramifications will come out of this report.

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The Magic in Wen By Chaz

I am a firm believer that every woman loves great hair. I don’t say that to appear sexist because I think most men love great hair too but I can only speak for women because let’s face it I’m a woman and I know what women talk about. Women talk about fashion and they talk about hair because those are the two things that make us feel our most beautiful. I’m not sure who taught us first to love our hair so much but it’s almost a part of our DNA. It feels as if we are born with this desire to make sure that our hair always looks amazing even when we don’t feel well.
I remember growing up my mom always told me that it doesn’t matter how sick I am or how bad I feel I always need to make an effort to comb my hair. I didn’t really understand that logic at first but the older I got the more I realized that if you have great hair not much else really matters. It’s almost as if the human eye can overlook anything as long as your hair looks great.

Recently, a beauty blogger over at Bustle decided to discuss a Sephora marketed hair product that she had tried for herself. It was called Wen By Chaz Dean. Wen By Chaz is an all in one system that is dedicated to all women. Wen has shampoo, conditioner and styling gel all in one product making it a magical product for all. It is available online via ebay.


George Soros Once Again Benefit from His Tactics to Forecast Financial Markets

George Soros is an American-Hungarian billionaire businessman, philanthropist and investor and the chairman of Soros Fund management. He is regarded as one of the richest 30 people globally. This is described at Wikipedia. Read more at

Soros earned his Doctoral Degree from the University of New York for Social and Research and the University of Oxford in the year 1980. He graduated at the London School of Political Science and Economics in 1952 after which he fled to New York, taking a job at Wall Street Brokerage firm. After a few years of working, George Soros established his own hedge fund, Soros Fund Management with $12 million obtained from investors.

As a philanthropist Soros supports human rights and democratic issues through his popularly known Open Society Foundation. Till today, George Soros is reported of having donated more than $8 billion for liberal political networks for instance those of Hillary Clinton. Forbes reports that he is highly esteemed for his investment prediction in the financial market at the moment he made a profit of $1 Billion during the Black Wednesday currency crisis in United Kingdom. He was even codenamed “the man who broke the Bank of England”. Soros wealth is approximated to be $26.5 billion and is managed at Soros Fund management.

Earlier this year, George Soros predicted that the prices of Gold would surge inevitably following a fallout of the China economy. He compared the current debt-fueled economy of China to the 2007-2008 scenario of the United States before credit markets fluctuated and seized up, prompting a global downturn. He insisted that the scenario was unavoidable and that an effort to stabilize the economy would result to a surge in the prices of Gold. This is reported by Bloomberg

George Soros therefore opted to reduce his investments in US-based stocks by more than a third in the 1st quarter of the year while he bought shares worth $264 million in one of the leading producers of Gold, Barrick Gold Corporation. This resulted to a drop of value of Soros Fund management public disclosed holdings by 37% to 3.5 billion in the last quarter of the year. This is reported by Bloomberg.

Soros acquired 1.7% stake at Barrick Gold, making the largest US listed holding. Soros also acknowledge to have bought 1.05 million shares in SPDR Gold Trust, a corporation that tracks the price of Gold in international market.

In the first three months of the year, the price of Gold for immediate delivery jumped 16%, the greatest periodical surge ever witnessed in the history of economic downturns. The shares of Barrick, the Toronto based Gold Mining Corporation doubled as miners reduced debts and hastened cost-cutting efforts. By March 31st the company was up 39%. Read more at

Soros used his investment returns to repay investors he owed five years ago and his New Yok based Soros Fund Management started to manage his own wealth.

Venezuela Declares State Of Emergency

After a slow and painful downfall, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has finally declared a state of emergency for his country. In an Open Corporates news article, the state of emergency has been issued for 60 days and was issued due to plots against Venezuela from within Venezuela and the United States that aimed to subvert him.

Opposition forces within Venezuela including member Jose Velasquez are criticizing the move, calling it a desperate action by a desperate president, but it also shows that Maduro is panicked as his people begin to revolt and demand referendum. Opposition forces were successful in winning control over the Venezuela National Assembly in December 2015, but despite their attempts to address voter concerns like anger over inflation, violent crime epidemics, production shortages, and more, they have been blocked at every turn by the country’s Supreme Court.
Despite the avid disdain for Maduro, approximately 70 percent of the country want him out and that number continues to climb, Maduro is firm in stating he will complete his term. As for his part, he is continuing to face his opposition head on. Shortly before issuing the state of emergency he took the time to address his political rivals calling them “coup-mongering elitists” who want to follow the footsteps of Brazil, where the nations leftist leader Dilma Rousseff was recently impeached. More information on the protests can be found here.
Part of the state of emergency issued by Maduro includes military exercises that will specifically be aimed at responding to what Maduro refers to as “trouble makers” who are trying to create or justify a foreign invasion of the country. The state of emergency also gives the Venezuelan government the right to take over factories that have been closed due to the collapsing economy in the country, one of the most concerning parts of the issue. The steps came just after a disagreement between the Polar Group, one of the countries biggest food and beverage companies in the country, blamed the government for their shutdown.
While Maduro is very focused on the military and industrial needs with the state of emergency, once again his people feel as if they have been left out in the cold. He isn’t focused on providing for them or for helping them, instead keeping his focus on maintaining his position of power. Further details can be read on

Darius Fisher is Protecting Reputations

The speed of the media has been rapidly accelerating for the past thirty years. We’ve gone from a country that received their news via the paper at 6 in the morning, and gotten more news on television at 6 pm, to a 24 hour news cycle, and finally to a cycle where the news is constantly flowing in. In some ways society benefits from this news cycle because information is readily available, but the constant news cycle can be devastating for many people and companies. When a bad news story breaks, people know about it almost instantly and it gets shared with everyone. Many companies do not know what to do when a news story breaks, but one man had a vision for companies that are struggling with a bad story.


Darius Fisher is one of the most innovative minds in the public relations sphere. He’s helped people manage their reputations his whole career, and now he works as the president of Status Labs. At Status Labs, he helps clients get the best possible search results and he helps clients manage the worst possible situations. There are many situations that could destroy a business, but Darius Fisher has helped guide people through the bad story.


Darius Fisher is an extremely brilliant man. Under his leadership Status Labs has grown into an international company, helping people around the world protect their reputation. More than a thousand companies have worked with Status Labs, and Darius Fisher has had a hand in helping each client.


Darius’ success is even more impressive when you consider that Mr.Fisher has fought his own controversial moments. He has easily navigated scandals at his own employer and within Status Labs itself. Darius’ reputation has stayed in great shape no matter what scandal has come his way.


The constant wave of stories from the media requires every person and business to be ready for a scandal. What would you do if the worst parts of your life came to the forefront? Darius Fisher is helping thousands of people navigate that situation with ease and move on with their lives.

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Shaquille O’Neil and Wasseem Boraie Partnership to Develpe Atlantic City

Shaquille O’Neil, well known for being a Former NBA player, wants to move Back to Atlantic City, the city where he spent most of his life growing up. Along with many other projects that Mr. O’Neil seemingly has planned, he has decided to build a $61 million Apartment complex near the Revel casino. With the help of developer Wasseem Boraie, ‘The Beach at South Inlet’ is expected to be looked over by the redevelopment authority and a loan expiration date is to be reviewed for this project.

The FDA first approved an initial $30 million for the hotel in 2013. However, after the closure of the Revel and Showboat, and the Trump Taj Mahal on the brink as well, the area is believed to be lacking. Because of this, the loan has come to terms to be reevaluated for $60 million.

Wasseem Boraie is the executive vice president of Boraie Development LLC. He believes that having multiple projects at one is the key to moving things forward and having a greater impact on more people. In the last 10 years, Boraie has built more than 1 million Square feet of commercial and residential property in New Jersey. Having a partnership with a sports star such as that of Shaquille O’Neil is a big deal for the Boraie Company. It is a partnership that seems to be exciting news for both partners. This of course has brought a lot of light to the projects that are currently in play. The ‘Beach at South Inlet’ is only the first of many projects that O’Neil is working on. Their are also plans for a 169 new unit housing tower, a theater, and even a retail complex to be built in this same location with the help of O’Neil and Boraie.

The investments in Atlantic City seem to be great investments for the former National Basketball association star. Its a great start to bringing some of the commercial and residential aspects into some of the states more distressed areas. With O’Neil’s star power and Boraie’s extensive experience, we are excited to see exactly what the future holds for these two in investments and property building.

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NutriMost: Working with the body to lose weight

NutriMost offers a dietary and lifestyle plan that is individuals and works with a body, not against it. Most diet plans work against a body, which causes a person not lose weight, even gain sometimes. Not with NutriMost, this plan works with a person and their body and individual needs. It is recently featured by NY Daily News.

The Nutrimost philosophy works with a person’s body and brings it back into balance. Hormones being out of balance can cause a person to gain weight and store fat. The NutriMost sources ( focusing on turning off the fat storage hormones and turning on the fat metabolism hormones. The NutriMost goal is for the customers to lose 25 or more pounds in 40 days. This goal may seem ambitious, but it shows how confident they are in their product and plan.

The first step in the NutriMost system is to assess the cause of weight gain. They examine all factors, including regulating metabolism, detoxification process, fat storage, appetite, hormonal balance, and fat burning. They use the latest technology: NRF and Nutrimost Recipes to assess these factors. Once they run a complete assessment, they design a diet and supplement regime that will help a person improve their overall health and lose weight.



Venezuelan Oil Production Numbers Likely to Drop

Even though Venezuela has the biggest oil reserves in the world, its oil production sector is now facing significant problems. One of the issues that will likely affect the Venezuelan oil industry in the near future is the chronic power shortages that have plagued the country during the last couple of weeks. A Financial Times report has shown that these outages have contributed to a decrease in oil production of 100,000 to 200,000 barrels per day during 2016.
Venezuela’s Guri dam is responsible for generating over one third of the country’s electricity. As water levels are now dangerously low, the site may be temporarily shut down in order to prevent damage to the turbines. Such a drop in electrical supply has the potential to negatively hit oil production numbers and may also force the country to redirect some of the oil set for export to domestic energy production and diesel generators. The Venezuelan government has been scrambling to put together electricity saving measures according to, such as decreeing every Friday to be a holiday for workers. Despite this, power cuts are becoming increasingly common throughout the nation, with many citizens expressing their displeasure at the way the government is managing the energy crisis.

A cutback on activities by US oilfield services giant Schlumberger last week due to payment problems has also contributed to a negative outlook on local oil production, with some experts believing that the cutback can expose over 20 percent of Venezuela’s oil output to steep declines.