There is Still A Beam of Ray at the End of the Tunnel for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence remains one of most researched fields over the last decade. Technologists across the globe working hand in hand with neuroscientists in leading world learning centers are every other day researching on better technological AI creations. Millions of dollars have been spent in this field but the end results are still intangible. In the last five years, the pomp in investments and research has gone down but not stalled. During the same time, tremendous steps have been taken and significant results achieved.

According to Deccan Herald, AI has been progressing slowly but steadily and is consequentially finding its way into e-commerce. Various authoritative sites like the Apple with, Siri, its voice recognition software and Facebook’s automatic tagging feature, have adopted AI and are already transforming online interactions. On the e-commerce front, various online transaction firms have incorporated AI features to their sites that are aimed at easing these processing needs.

AI is taking online shopping, especially in the fashion industry to a whole new level. It is no wonder that the online fashion industry is growing faster than any other online business. There is also the observation that fashion is visual, this means that the online fashion stores have invested heavily in trying to come up with a image recognition or application that would help shoppers search directly for images and though the wait has been long overdue, there is still hope. For instance, Slyce technologies have now come up with a visual search software.

About Slyce
Slyce is a technological company seeking to bridge the gap between online retailers and their clients. They hope to achieve this through providing the e-commerce sites with the image recognition software that eases the searchers task. The slice visual recognition software is also available as a mobile app for use either with desktops or mobile phones. This technology remains one of the most advanced visual search tools on the market today.

This technological firm is under the steering and Cameron Chell, a serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in the industry. The company’s vision is targeted on setting and implementing new standards to customer engagement. Slyce believes that the product is just what every online fashion or product store requires reaching the next level.

Skout Releases Results of Fun New Year’s Survey

Skout is a popular dating and friendship social app that is drawing in more and more members. As the song goes, people sometimes need a little help from their friends. When it comes to sticking to New Year resolutions, help from friends is definitely going to be appreciated. Skout was nice enough to do a survey in order to discover ways in which friends can help others stay true to New Year resolutions.

The survey covers a lot of territory. Not too surprisingly, exercise is mentioned in the survey. Getting into shape is probably the most common of all resolutions people plan year in and year out. Skout’s survey points out that one of the best ways to stick to a diet and exercise plan is to workout with friends. Turning fitness into a group activity supports the necessary consistency to see results.

Making improvements in fashion and style is another goal many make when January 1 rolls around. Friends can be a big help with this cause. Close friends and even ones met through social media could put the fashion-challenged in the direction of a proper new look.

Improving finances is always going to be a major goal of the business-minded. Wanting to earn more and being able to do so are completely different things. Once again, friends have the ability to help in these matters. Anything from basic advice to job referrals to recommendations may aid in earning more money and taking part in a rewarding career in 2016.

A point worth mentioning here is a wider circle of friends allows for accessing more people’s help and opinion. The Skout app allows anyone to expand his or her social circle to include people from all over the world. True, Skout is considered a top app for dating. Dating is not the only reason to sign up with Skout. The app is great for meeting people with similar interests and hobbies.

Skout is incredibly easy to navigate so taking advantage of the app’s benefits should be fine for even those who are not very much into smartphone devices. Adweek has noted Skout is drawing in large numbers of members. The more members Skout has, the easier it becomes to increase a circle of friends.

All those friends are going to be very helpful when trying to keep New Year goal. They might end up being helpful in other areas of life all throughout the year.

George Soros’ Predictions Mirror the 2008 Market Crash

Very few financial analysts predicted the market recession that occurred in 2008. Market psychology is often very difficult to understand. A lot of things caused the 2008 economic crisis. Many would argue in retrospect that the market was simply rigged to collapse. Too many loans were being issued at once. Excess money was being inflated into stocks that were inevitably going to perform poorly. Almost all economists agree that this crash was caused by unregulated markets. Some economists also see how oil prices and world economic performance tied into the 2008 recession. Many economists are now concerned about low oil prices and fiscal policies being conducted overseas.

George Soros is an American business magnate. His net worth is 24.5 billion dollars. He recently warned that the economy may be moving toward a crisis that is similar to the one that happened in 2008. Soros is looking at a correlation between Chinese and U.S. stock markets. A lot of economists have had concerns about China’s currency devaluation model. China’s market is second only to the United States. China’s market is much different. Much of their nation is still developing. The country has a strong Chinese workforce, but a huge wealth gap. China spent the last few decades transitioning into a market economy. It has had to devalue its currency to give its citizens more purchasing power.

Soros is considered an expert on Bloomberg of currency valuation. He pocketed a billion dollars in 1992 by betting that Britain would remove its currency from Europe’s ERM. He believes that devaluing the currency is transferring problems to the rest of the world. Chinese markets are obviously heavily connected to United States markets. Huge amounts of products and labor are obviously supplied to America by Chinese companies. Soros had a similar market outlook before the crash in 1987. That crash was heavily tied to oil prices. Asian markets collapsed alongside the S&P 500.

Volatility is very high in 2015. This may also be indicative of a coming market crash. China has agreed to remove its controls on capital by 2020. China has cut interest rates and pushed billions of dollars worth of its currency into the Chinese economy. Soros is looking at the big picture. Some analysts argue that this is partial speculation because China is currently transitioning into a consumer led economy. The United States economy is currently performing well on its own.


Seeking Alpha



FreedomPop Connects You to World Wide Web Phenomenon

Libraries in the Western world enjoy free Internet. Shouldn’t free WiFi be a human right? Learn how FreedomPop is expanding free global data hotspots to connect Planet Earth.

“Free WiFi as a Human Right”

No technology has tied the world together more completely than the World Wide Web. Web surfers can look up important health information, complete their taxes or talk with someone on the other side of the globe. Social media is reporting news, sports, stock and weather information faster than mainstream media.

The lives of all citizens of Planet Earth can be improved with free access to the Internet. Free health care is a popular service, but allowing individuals to surf the Web would allow them to improve preventative health care. The community benefits when individuals have more knowledge.

“Online Education”

YouTube videos, eLearning and tutorials allow people to increase their knowledge by spending time online. Online schools create a more knowledgeable population and workforce. The World Wide Web can even be used for retraining.

If citizens find jobs faster, they will lower unemployment compensation costs. The economy benefits when citizens become more productive. The Internet is a great way to share your culture and learn from others.

“FreedomPop Shares Free Mobile Phone Services”

Gradually, smart phone technology is being improved to lower costs. FreedomPop is a start-up envisioning creation of a “free hotspot” for users. Actually, there will be a cost initially, but the goal is to lower the cost and offer free data to customers in 25 countries using a SIM.

FreedomPop has raised $50 million more towards its global rollout plans. This follows on the heels of $30 million raised earlier. Of course, this new mobile phone funding mechanism requires a lot of money to get it going. The potential is incredible due to the number of people owning mobile phones.

“Even Intel is on Board”

The good news is that large computer firms, such as Intel, are supportive of the new technology. The FreedomPop plan is to focus on buying only data (as opposed to traditional phone carriers buying talking minutes). This “Voice on Internet Protocol” (VoIP) concept allows FreedomPop to cut costs.

FreedomPop CEO Stephen Stokols states, “The UK market is going extremely well.” The United States conversion level is at 50% and UK is at 45%. The revenue model requires at least 35% to make the model profitable.

Beneful Premium Chopped Blends Looks And Smells Great

We all love our dogs, right? If you are a caring pet owner, then you won’t mind taking the time to look at what your dog is eating. You are in complete control of what your dog is eating, so you should make your dog’s diet and nutrition your priority. It’s easy to get your dog exercise on a regular basis. Go on a few walks here and there. That kind of habit is pretty simple to maintain, and it’s good for you to get exercise while you run along side your dog. Take it from me, though: nutrition means a lot to your dog’s life and well being. I found this article from the Daily Herald on that makes me feel more confident about the foods that I feed my little furry friend.

I know that Beneful is made of real ingredients that I can trust. I like putting my money toward products that I trust. I read that article from the Daily Herald, and I am convinced that premium dog food companies are the best ones out there. Purina Beneful on twitter pay more money for the ingredients that they put into the dog food. They actually only use high quality ingredients. I challenge you to look at the ingredients on your bag of dog food. You will be happy to see the ingredients on a bag of Beneful Dog Food.

My dog just loves Beneful. He goes nuts over Chopped Blends, and once you see or smell that food you’ll know what I’m talking about because it looks and smells just like something you would feed your family. It looks like a stew. The Chopped Blends of Beneful comes made with huge pieces of meats and real pieces of vegetables. The kind that I get for my dog has pieces of chicken, pieces of carrots, rice and tomatoes in it. You can try that one, or you can try one of the other kinds since there are 20 kinds of Chopped Blends to keep your dogs happy.

I suggest reading the article that I found. It’s got interesting and concise information:

AI and Visual Search Give Firms A Competitive Edge

Even with the sweep of changes that have covered the web over the past two decades, text boxes are still here with us. Text remains the main method of interaction between people and websites. However, the end of text could be closer than people think.

The new technique used by Pinterest allows the user of the company’s website or apps to draw a box on an item that picks their interest on an image. The service then searches through an index of over a billion items to look for items that bear a visual resemblance to the item selected.

Over the years, companies have experimented with the use of image-search technology in a bid to enhance the experience of shopping or discovering products. Amazon used an app on their Fire smartphone that worked by searching for products that were snapped in a photo. was bought by Google in 2010 for their website which allowed the user to find items that were similar to the ones selected visually. It went further to allow the user to highlight important details on an image to ensure more accurate selections. is trying a different approach when it comes to visual search. It is the first company to utilize image-processing technology that has been developed by Sentient, an artificial intelligence startup. The technology is aimed at retailers.

The initial testing by of this technology was in the women’s boots section. When the shopper clicked on the “visual filter” button, they were presented with 12 images in a grid that the software developed by Sentient determined to represent style clusters from a collection of over 700 boots. The CEO of pointed out that the filter led to increased sales.

Slyce is a key player in the development of image recognition software. The firm works with its clients with a view of providing products that will give buyers the unique opportunity to search for items based on what they see and touch.

Through the various products the company has launched, Slyce’s technology aims at activating visual product recognition from images already taken or by snapping a picture. The firm is using its technology to lead internet use and commerce well into the future.

LimeCrime’s Doe Deere Is Not Defined By Fashion Rules

The fashion industry has become something of a stale and sterile stomping ground for many of the heavyweights of this enclosed world to enjoy in recent years; the number of rules the average consumer has been told they should live by. In this sterile environment a number of innovators have come to the fore to change the way we see the fashion industry, and to break the rules that have grown up around what is seen as high fashion. LimeCrime’s Doe Deere is one of these new independent fashion experts who has been explaining how she sees fashion, including teaming different colors, prints, and textures to create an individual sense of style.

Doe Deere has not spent her time living and working in any traditional way to become a cultural icon for many through her LimeCrime brand. Deere completed her formal fashion training in the cultural hotbed of New York, but has also revealed her personal style is influenced by her background in Russia. After embarking on the creation of her own fashion label via an Online marketplace, Deere quickly found she struggled to find cosmetics that reflected her own style and instead looked to create something new in the cosmetics industry.

The personal sense of style of Doe Deere has been something she has cultivated for a number of years, but the cosmetics she has recently been creating also show how her style is evolving over time. Instead of remaining encased in the bold colors and strong textures she has developed for LimeCrime Doe Deere been evolving subtler cosmetics that can be worn throughout the day in a bid to make sure her followers have the best options in makeup.

Doe Deere has explained she does not feel the need to remain within the traditional rules of fashion, instead choosing to make sure she feels comfortable in her own skin. Clashing prints are positioned together alongside the use of different strong makeup colors for a style that has become increasingly popular with many of the social media followers Doe Deere has encouraged to go their own fashion way.

Pet Food Just Got a Whole Lot Healthier

Wellness and fitness are areas that many people make a priority in their lives. People who value these areas also want to keep their pets healthy too. This goal has opened up a whole new market in the area of pet food. There are many dog and cat food companies who are experimenting with new types of pet food. If you thought a paleo diet was just for humans, think again. Some people have the philosophy that dogs should eat a vegetable and raw meet diet, similar to what wild wolves would have eaten several hundreds of years ago. These pet food companies market pet food that includes chicken, beef, kale, spinach and sweet potatoes. Another pet food company Beneful, touts gourmet food for your pet. Despite the fact this Beneful pet food is more expensive, pet owners will spend the money in order to keep their feline friend healthy and happy. After all, if fitness is important in the pet owner’s lives, they will see it as a top priority for their pet as well. Beneful is one such example of a pet food company who took the risk at offering high end meals for consumer’s pets. They report on Amazon their company will net a profit for the year 2016. This example supports the idea that healthy food for your pets is an idea whose time has come. Pet food no longer has to be dry, brittle, boring and smelly. The trend for pet food will look and smell more like a meal fit for a king. Most pet owners are okay with that. They want their furry friend to eat healthy and be well now and in the future.


Greg is an author, businessman and real estate guru. He hails straight from Scottsdale, Arizona. Over the past decade or so Greg has worked hard to build his real estate empire. All his firms are treated as if they were his own little love child. Today he has decided to speak out about his success.

Today Greg is opening up about how he became the success he is and what is really happening inside the real estate market at this moment in time.

“The basic principles of selling homes has not changed in the last 80 years. Every day I see what others are doing or not doing. Look at what Amazon and Apple do. Their strategies are not being used to sell homes. It’s kind of sad. Looking at the numbers, most buyers and sellers are taking between a 3-8% cut when it comes to value. Certain strategies are not being used. This means the actual reduced value is going down even more.”

When asked to elaborate further on this point, he had this to say:

“It’s basically become a “hope” market. What this means is that the seller and agent put the sale sign up and wait. The agent lists it and runs a few ads. After this, the agent just waits to see of someone is going to be interested. This is most definitely the wrong approach. More money is being wasted from both ends using the “hope approach.”

“Look at the strategy that Apple uses. The technology is more complex and adult-like when it comes to selling the new iphone. This is a phone that costs about $500. Now you compare this too selling homes. The same technology is not there. Why? The real estate market has not grown up enough to use more advanced resources. You have a better shot at getting the new iPhone then you do a new home.”

Make no mistake Greg is not being judgmental here. Greg is simply illustrating where the cracks are in the system. According to Greg these cracks have been there for “quite some time.”


This is where this company and training program comes in to play. This is something that was set up and designed by Greg specifically. This program is designed to help the real estate market make a big turnaround in certain areas. It’s also designed to teach more advanced skills to those who are trained in this area.

“We want buyers to be interested in buying a home, especially if it has just been put on the market. It’s kind of the “buy now, do not miss out” sort of mindset. The idea is to build anticipation and excitement right away. This works on both sides, from the seller to the buyer. The agent needs to be equally as excited. If the agent is indifferent about the selling, it makes sense that a buyer will not invest. This is what we are looking to change with the Real Estate Mavericks.”

Follow this link right here This site will give you an inside look at what this company does. This is aimed directly at agents who wish to become better at their craft. Take some time and invest in the knowledge.

You can also follow Greg on his personal page.

Read full article at Forbes

Getting a Great Brand of Dog Food

Dog food is something that you probably just pick up and pour into your dog’s bowl without much thought. One of the major problems with this is the fact that the vast majority of foods on the market are low-quality. This means that they are made using a range of fillers and by-products that do absolutely nothing for your dog’s health. Think of those lesser brands of dog food the same way you look at fast or junk food that you might eat. Sure, it tastes great and it’s something to eat, but it is not healthy to be eating long-term. One great brand available on the market right now is known as Beneful. You have probably heard of Beneful before just because it is one of the most popular brands out there. Beneful is known for their delicious varieties that dogs absolutely love, and the fact that they have put the science into every single product that they make. This means that they avoid the fillers and by-products that might become a problem. This is definitely something that you will want to consider for yourself if you are tired of those nasty brands of dog food. You will also find, when compared to other high-end brands of dog food, that Beneful is on the cheaper side. This makes it easy for you to buy the pet food that you want without feeling like you are spending a small fortune. You will want to look on facebook at the different products in the Beneful line of dog food or on twitter to see which one is the best option for your dog. With Beneful, you can trust their expertise and know that you are buying a product that dogs will absolutely love. You are going to want to switch from those lesser brands of dog food to one like Beneful that is more wholesome and healthy. One of the major problems with having a dog that is living off of an unhealthy diet is the fact that his health can suffer greatly from this and cause him to age quicker than might be usual for him.